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avs review 2 - Freezing bull semen is a common practice The...

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Freezing bull semen is a common practice The external cremaster muscle regulates testicular temperature In birds, the female determines the sex of the offspring An animal that exhibits “lordosis” is probably in heat Body cells are formed by a process called mistosis Reproductive goals for domesticated farm animals should include higher conception rates Semen is composed of sperm plus fluids from the accessory sex glands The estrus cycle is not a common characterstic in poultry Cold ambient (outdoor) temperatures are less harmful to the production and survival of sperm than hot temperatures- Genetics has a greater influence than envoirnmental factors on yield potential There is no direct exchange of blood between the maternal and fetal system Semen helps to neutralize the acidity of the female reproductive tract so sperm cells can live long enough to fertilize an egg cell A function of the scrotum is to maintain the testes’s temperature Flushing is the practice whereby once increases the energy level in the diet several weeks before breeding Temperature above 85 degrees will decrease conception rate and litter size in swine Sperm, ova, and embryonic tissue are primarily composed of protein Most sheep breeds come into heat during the cooler temperatures associated with fall The endocrine system is responsible for hormone production Fat females are more likely to experience dystocia because of greater fetal size and excessive internal fat A rooster does not possess a penis A sow has a bicornuate uterus Energy requirements for females in a species of farm animals with a bicornuate uterus. Chickens mate by rubbing their vents together
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avs review 2 - Freezing bull semen is a common practice The...

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