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Comm Essay #2

Comm Essay #2 - Comm1 Paper#2 Under Armour Every February...

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Comm1 – Paper#2: Under Armour Every February millions of people sit down to watch the biggest sports event of the year, the Super Bowl. The huge viewer count for this event facilitates an environment for very profitable advertising. Companies invest very large sums of money to create the best commercials possible to take advantage of this annual sporting event. The ad that is being used in this paper is the ad that appeared during the first quarter by Under Armour who specializes in athletic apparel. The ad shows a montage of celebrity athletes training in an urban setting while wearing Under Armour products. The ad is then concluded by celebrity athletes and “normal people”, all dressed in Under Armour, grouping together. The target audience of this commercial is the young athletic, male and female 14 – 25-age range, demographic. This ad is effective to this target audience because of its use of credibility, likeability, and similarity. To provide evidence of the effectiveness of these three characteristics two empirical studies are used: “Effects of celebrity athlete endorsement on attitude towards the product: the role of credibility, attractiveness and the concept of congruence” and “Heroes in sport: assessing celebrity endorser effectiveness.” The first feature addressed is the source characteristic of credibility.
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According to Tubbs and Moss (2006) credibility is essentially the audiences willingness to believe the message in which the speaker is conveying and is the most important characteristic that influences our judgment of a speaker. The specific type of credibility used is extrinsic
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Comm Essay #2 - Comm1 Paper#2 Under Armour Every February...

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