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Liberal Democracies

Liberal Democracies - Liberal Democracies “Democracy is...

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Liberal Democracies “Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be,” says Sydney Harris, American journalist and author. This quote epitomizes the core ideals associated with the most successful form of government utilized by a civilization thus far. Although Britain, Japan, and Sweden have adopted this same articulation of government, they all demonstrate distinct differences and similarities amongst each other that have shaped the unique outcome of each civilization. A constitutional monarchy, or limited monarchy, is utilized by all three countries and is defined as a governmental structure that incorporates both a monarch as the head of state and most often a parliamentary counterpart that produces a prime minister who is considered head of government. Today the monarchs of these countries still maintain a highly regarded position, their role however in the actual government is moral leader and is purely ceremonial. In contrast the United States version of democracy blends together the head of state and head of government into the one branch, executive, and one position, President. Britain, Japan, and Sweden are all highly developed capitalistic economies, a system in which the means of production are predominately owned and operated in a private fashion. Britain, Japan, and Sweden share many similarities, but due to the isolation from each other they have also developed distinct differences. Firstly, the structure of the individual parliaments in which Britain and Japan are bicameral, with two houses of d
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legislators, and Sweden is unicameral. Sweden’s unicameral Parliament can be partially
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