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ECO 550 Wk2 Disc 2
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Review “Just pucker and blow: An analysis of corporate whistleblowers” in Chapter 2. Please respond to the following: Describe the conflict faced by corporate insiders who discover unethical or illegal activities within their organization. The conflicts they probably face are, if reported, are they breaking the law of "Duty of Loyalty"? How do they approach the method of complaining or raising the issue? To whom do they address the issue? Does the buck stop with them? If reported within the organization and nothing is done to stop the unethical or illegal act, do they have an obligation to report the matter to the authorities? If reported to the authorities, the employee may be bind due to their contractual obligations and their “duty of loyalty” responsibilities may limit the type of information that they could give to the authorities. In addition, unless someone has real inside information allowing them to actually observe the wrongdoing and has the expertise to know that the wrongdoing is illegal, what safe harbor exists to protect the senior executive from mistakenly
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