As a university graduate with s ome accounting

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Unformatted text preview: uate with s ome accounting background, he would be moved into bookkeeping and two b ookkeepers would be laid off. He also told Paul his wages would be cut by 25 percent. W hen Paul came to work the next day, he told the owner t hat he wouldn't accept the b ookkeeping job. The owner became very angry and said, "If you don't like it, then l eave right now! I don't have to put up with your insubordination one minute!" Paul left a nd then sued the owner for wrongful dismissal. The owne r argued that he had "just c ause" because of financial problems and disobedience. Based on the above facts, i dentify the f alse s tatement. a. If Paul were wrongfully dismissed, he would still have to mitigate his losses and there is case law that says that may include his taking the bookkeeping job as long as it is not demeaning to do so. b. The owner can dismiss Paul for any reason not contrary to the human rights legislation, as long as he gives proper notice or pay in lieu of notice....
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