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Unformatted text preview: . G rade: U ser Responses: 1 a.An employee who believes that he or she has been constructively dismissed must consult with his or her employer before treating the employment contract as at an end. F eedback: 9. R easonable notice of termination is r equired of both the employer and the employee. a. True b. False G rade: U ser Responses: F eedback: 10. 1 a.True U nless the amount of notice is specifically agreed upon, the employer who wishes to t erminate employment is required to g ive the employee reasonable notice or pay in lieu o f notice of termination. a. True b. False G rade: U ser Responses: F eedback: 1 a.True 4 C hapter 10 - P ost Test M archiori, Mercedes 11. E mployment Insurance is a program that is n ot p ursuant to which of the following? a. Workers are entitled to recover based on what they have contributed to the fund. b. Appeals are available should compensation be denied. c. Seasonal workers can secure compensation. d. Benefits are provided to the unemployed who meet certain qualifications. e. Employ...
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