E if jim terminates susan s employment without just

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Unformatted text preview: tions. e. If Jim terminates Susan s employment without just cause, he may be liable for Susan s lost wages. G rade: U ser Responses: F eedback: 1 c.Jim cannot terminate Susan s employment without just cause. 3 C hapter 10 - P ost Test M archiori, Mercedes 8. C onstructive dismissal occurs when an employer unilaterally and without authority c hanges a nature of an employee s job. W hich of the following is n ot t rue with respect t o constructive dismissal? a. An employee who believes that he or she has been constructively dismissed must consult with his or her employer before treating the employment contract as at an end. b. An employee who has been constructively dismissed may have to accept another position with his or her employer to discharge his or her duty to mitigate. c. An employer may inadvertently constructively dismiss an employee. d. An employer s failure to defuse a hostile work environment may constitute constructive dismissal. e. Constructive dismissal equates to breach of contract...
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