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avs review 3 - True Answers and Multiple Choice Answers for...

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True Answers and Multiple Choice Answers for AVS Exam 3 -Meat Tenderness is primarily affected by the location of the cut on the animal -Beef animals are marketed at approximately 1050 pounds -Animals in a beef operation do not need concentrates (grain) unless they are pregnant or lactating -Beef is more popular than lamb - A zoonose is a disease that can be transmitted between animals and humans -Artificial insemination is used less extensively than natural matings in beef herds -Pink eye is classified as a zoonose -T.B. is a zoonose -The most valuable byproduct of a meat animal production is wool -The Midwest is considered the center of the commercial cattle industry -Merino is a finer wool breed of sheep -More crimp means higher wool quality -One hank is equal to 560 yards of wool -Lanolin is a byproduct of the wool cleaning process -Boston is the center of wool marketing in the U.S. -The better quality wool has longer fibers -Scours is disease that can be fatal -Most breeds of sheep are seasonal breeders -Reproductive performance has the highest economic importance of all traits to the livestock producer -The term ‘purebred’ refers to purity of ancestry -Young ewes tend to have single berths -Scrapie is a viral infection resulting in death -Young sheep are less fertile than older sheep -Mutton is meat from a mature (over one yr old) sheep -Listeriosis is not a zoonose
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-Wool use has steadily increased over the past 10 years -Kosher pork products can be found in most supermarkets -Federal meat grading is not mandatory -Death resulting from enterotoxemia (overeating disease) is actually due to the animal not eating -Older animals have more finish or fat -The U.S. exports most of its horsemeat -Much of the flavor in meat is carried by fat -Flavor and/or odor is more intense from older animals -All meat inspection must be done by a state or federal USDA inspector -Grading determines the quality of meat -Inspection determines the wholesomeness of the meat
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avs review 3 - True Answers and Multiple Choice Answers for...

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