Classical Argument - Throughout most of the world one thing...

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-1 Throughout most of the world one thing is common place and the indulgence is relatively accepted and partaken in by young adults and adults a like. But in one country, this indulgence is frowned upon and detested as if this was the manifested form of the devil himself. Drinking alcohol has been common place before the creation of our country and most countries. In fact it kept many people happy and healthy when clean water could not be had. In America though, the practice of drinking is viewed as immoral and strongly frowned upon. So why is America the only country with a drinking age above 20? How did this practice, which helped keep people alive, become so frowned upon in the United States? Why is it that you are a legal adult at 18, but still cannot drink a beer? Why can the federal government over step its delegated rights and take over state issues? Back in the times of Christ, drinking was used as a form of celebration, and was also used to drink instead of water, because much of the water was infested and could carry many diseases that would make the drinkers sick. Similar to the water in Mexico today that can cause Montezuma’s revenge, a form of dysentery that can cause death from dehydration. In many countries in Europe drinking is accepted as a norm and the laws of the drinking age are not heavily enforced. The “rule of thumb” there is that someone can see over the bar then they are old enough to have alcohol. When I visited Europe my junior year of high school, I went France, Italy, and Austria, and they all had the same view of drinking and never asked to see any form of identification from me, or any of my friends. The government passed a legislature in 1984, which forced states to change the drinking age to 21, from pressure from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, MADD for short (Hanson 1). It was called The National Minimum
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Drinking Act of 1984 and it required all states to change their drinking age to 21, or suffer the consequence “a reduction in highway funds,” which the federal government has to help pay for under the “Federal Highway Aid Act” (Hanson 1). All college students and many high school students have been faced with the drinking age law, and most disagree with it and believe that it is wrong, and most importantly it is unconstitutional. The Federal government ill lawfully blackmailed, and forced, the states to change a states rights issue. We as responsible adults, at the age of 18, are being kept from drinking alcohol and the United States government refuses to accept that it may be wrong in making this law. I believe that it is wrong when the Federal government can make decisions that the majority of the population disagrees with it. Isn’t the purpose of the government to be a representative body by the people, and should be for the people and what they believe. Unfortunately, they have been able to bypass their delegated rights, such as with the drinking age, and wage a war that most of Americans disagree with. What has happened to Democracy?!?
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Classical Argument - Throughout most of the world one thing...

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