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2nd hour exam study guide - Oct 30: Marketing...

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Oct 30: Marketing Communications Is an Internet pop-up advertisement "noise?" Under what circumstance might it not be "noise?" An internet pop-up is noise because it interferes with “accurately conveying the original idea of the sender to receivers or with delivering a response that accurately represents the reaction of the receivers”. It would not be considered noise if it supports the original idea of the sender. For example, say you’re on a travel site and you get a pop up for a 2 year university. This is noise because it distracts from the original idea. However, if the pop-up were about traveling, a cruise for example, it would not be noise. How does publicity differ from advertising? Is publicity "free" (what is it that is "free")? Publicity is PR that entails nonpersonal communication passed on via various media but not paid for by an identified sponser; advertising is paid, nonpersonal communication regarding goods, services, etc. Generally controlled by the the sponsor. What is a one-sided message? Why do most companies use such messages? A one-sided message is a form of communication in which only the benefits of a service, good, or idea are cited. Companies use these instead of two sided messages because limitations and benefits are noted in two sided and companies don’t want to have their shortcomings pointed out. If personal selling is more effective than advertising at creating revenue (closing sales), why don't all marketing organizations employ sales representatives? Personal selling is more effective but not as much used because it costs more than mass advertising, PR, or sales promotion. If the goal of promotional spending is to increase profits, why do most advertisers evaluate promotion by measuring increases in awareness (of the brand or the message) or persuasion (increase in the number of people who say they "intend" to purchase)? Advertisers evaluate promotion by measuring increases in awareness or persuasion instead of profits because with an increase in awareness and persuasion, people buy the goods which means an increase in profit. A consumer listens to a sales presentation but does not make a purchase. Has the presentation failed? Just because a sales presentation fails to make a sale, it doesn’t mean it is a failure because it could have developed a favorable attitude for the customer. They may in the future decide to purchase and if not, they can still spread this product through word of mouth.
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Is an interactive website more like advertising than personal selling (to what extent is it a hybrid of the two)? Nov 1: Personal Selling and Promotion Under what circumstances does it make sense to emphasize personal selling as the primary promotional strategy for an organization? Personal selling makes sense as the primary promotional strategy for an organization when the
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2nd hour exam study guide - Oct 30: Marketing...

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