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Study Guide #3 – UCONN Undergraduate Sport Law – 2007 Constitutional Law Judicial Review -When can a plaintiff challenge a rule enacted by a sport organization? (6 conditions) -Know that the decision to grant injunctions may vary across jurisdictions -Know the 4 types of injunctive relief 1st Amendment -freedoms protected -state action -entanglement theory -public function theory -high school athletic associations -NCAA -prior to 1980’s -after 1980’s -Tarkanian case -Olympic organizations -professional organizations -Freedom of Speech -Tinker v Des Moines (1969) -Bethel School District v Frasier (1986) -Pickering v Board of Education -elements -Due Process -Life, liberty, property -sport as a privilege
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Unformatted text preview: -sport as a liberty interest-Stanley v Big 8 Conference-Logos v Modesto Public School-Sport as a property interest-college athletes-taking away playing time-high school athletes-Substantive v Procedural due process recognize examples of each-Know the elements of minimum and maximum due process-14 th Amendment-Purpose-Suspect classifications and strict scrutiny-non-suspect classifications mild scrutiny-mid-level scrutiny-4 th Amendment-application to drug testing-Vernonia School District v Acton & Derdyn v Colorado and their Differences-What is a reasonable search-reasonable suspicion-nature of privacy interest, -nature of intrusion,-immediacy of governmental concern...
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