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Donatello - Similar to Polyclidace Original no longer...

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Sheet1 Page 1 St. George By Donatello Commissioned by the guild for armorers and sword makers. Relief at the bottom, 15 x 47 St. George in armor on a horse spearing a dragon Triumph of good over evil Christianity over paganism Flattened Relief - some forms are carved in higher relief than others. Some forms are very shallow relief. High > medium > low Donatello is the first to use this since antiquity. Drapery and round arches D Baptistery in Siena Relief Panels - scene from the life of John the Baptist The Feast of Harrid - 1425 Bronze 2x2 Head of John the Baptist being presented to Harrid at a banquet. Has a foreground, middle ground, and background Linear perspective and Flattened Relief Rounded arches, drapery David Was originally positioned in the middle of the courtyard in ? Symbol of the triumph of Florence over ? Standing on one foot with his other on top of goliath's helmet, contraposto stance
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Unformatted text preview: Similar to Polyclidace - Original no longer exists - lots of copies In the nude David is a very popular subject D Gatta Melata "Cunning Cat" 1443-1553 Family and State paid for it. Was a popular mercenary Up to now it was mostly religious symbols and imagery Men are now being praised for their achievements - mostly military men Were a lot of portraits and statues in roman times. Based on the only equestrian statue that survived since roman times. Marcus Erilius 2nd Century People thought it was Emperor Constantine so it wasn't destroyed Face is very realistic. There is a chance it is the man's actual face. F Method of Work Would first make a small clay model He would cloth the model in damp fabric to see how it would fall. A lot of realism in his work...
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