SEAL Delivery Vehicle - SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) The...

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SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) The SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) is a manned submersible vehicle used to deliver Navy SEALs and their equipment to mission areas. The crew operates and navigates the submerged SDV while using underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) for life support. (Figure 1) The Navy's SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) is a sleek, 22-foot long, jet- black submersible that silently glides through water on special missions. It is rated to carry six SEALs (two operators and four passengers). (Figure 2) It can travel at about six knots out to a range of about seventy miles, although in many cases the effects of water conditions on the crew is more of a limitation than the battery power. The pilot "flies" his SDV like an aircraft while closely following directions from the navigator. When SEALs go to work, they go "special delivery." The SDV is an all-electric vehicle powered by rechargeable silver-zinc batteries. The pilot controls its direction with a ballast and trim system, along with a manual control stick to move rudders, elevators and bow planes. The torpedo-shaped underwater vehicle has a computerized navigation system that provides navigational information. An intercom system allows the crew and passengers to talk while underwater. The SDV is capable of delivering several fully-
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SEAL Delivery Vehicle - SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) The...

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