Sport Management Test 1 Review

Sport Management Test 1 Review - Sport Management Test 1...

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Sport Management Test 1 Review Sport Industry: 6 th largest industry in the country -Pro sports, facility management, sport agency, recreation industry, national governing bodies, tour sports, sport tourism, apparel/equipment/footwear, media/ broadcasting, athletic administration, health and fitness industry Uniqueness of Sport Industry: -intangibility: consumed a service, can’t touch it -inseparability: can’t separate yourself, consume it while it happens -heterogeneity: different components are put into play for even to happen -perishability: has a shelf life, after the game, its done. *emotional attachment *universal appeal across various segments *multiparty coordination in production of a product Sport organization: social entity involved in the sports industry; goal directed with a consciously structured activity system and relatively identifiable boundary Social entity=group of people Goal directed focus=to make money Consciously structured activity system=knowing your objectives, job title/ description, help to reach the goal Identifiable boundary=can tell who is and isn’t a part of the organization Fayol: emphasis on functions of management Minksberg: ten key managerial roles Sport Manager’s Managerial Functions: - P lanning: est goals, working w/in constraints/ internal and external - O rganizing: creating individual job responsibilities and grouping tasks most efficiently - L eading: motivate, support, direct, train - E valuating: monitor employees, workgroups, organizations, develop standards, conduct evaluations, implement change when needed Recent Contributions to Management Thinking: -Decision sciences: quantitative, making decisions about your organization based on numerical values -Contingency theory: back up plan, if-then scenario -Systems theory: data from enviorment. Input, throughput, output. -Japanese management:
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Sport Management Test 1 Review - Sport Management Test 1...

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