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Homework 3 key - Homework 3 Name BY160 Due February 1 2008...

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Homework 3 Name: ______________________________ BY160 Due: February 1, 2008 Lab section: __________________________ 1. Why do phospholipids bilayers provide a good boundary between the outside and inside of the cell? The hydrophilic region allows them to associate with water and the hydrophobic region prevents water from moving across. If the phospholipid was all hydrophobic it would not interact well with water. This would not make a good boundary in a primarily aqueous environment. 2. Why were human red blood cells used first to investigate membrane structure? The cell is primarily membrane without a nucleus or organelles. 3. What led researchers to originally determine that membranes were not only lipid bilayers? Pure phospholipids bilayers adhere less strongly to water than natural phospholipids bilayers. This suggested that there was some other component to the membrane. This turned out to be proteins with hydrophilic regions adding stronger adherance to water. 4.
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