GWRIT FIELD & STREAM - Field & Stream magazine is for...

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-1 Field & Stream magazine is for hunters and outdoorsmen, and covers multiple topics related to those sports. Depending on the article, the depth and specificity ranges from multiple pages to half a page. Considering most hunters are conservative blue- collar workers, the magazine would be directed to that audience; however, all hunters are part of the readership for this magazine. Most of the advertisements come from hunting suppliers and outdoor clothes, and are easy to read with no jargon and some hunting slang. If one wished to write for I would suggest that they wrote about a hunting related story, or a strategy for hunting. Also, one should get to the point quickly and not drag out their writing with jargon or unnecessary information. The article “Get Them Out of Bed” by Jeff Murray is an article which gives new information to the reader. The intended audience can be inferred from the magazine it self. Because it is in an outdoor/hunting magazine, one could guess that the intended audience is for experienced hunters and/or outdoorsmen, or for people who have a
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GWRIT FIELD & STREAM - Field & Stream magazine is for...

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