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Lara Weems History of Rock 120-002 Jan 22, 08 2. Mainstream pop, rhythm and blues, and country and western have several similarities among them. First, each of these styles was a main contributor in developing rock and roll. Second, each of these styles has its own distinct history and personal development. Also, each style of music was available for listening through the radio; the radio actually improved the popularity of each of these musical genres. Mainstream pop was separated out by the use of a sectional verse-chorus format, which are often constructed in an ABAA form. Also, Tin Pan Alley was marketed for the song itself, not the specific recording of the song. Country and Western was separated by the region, being the southern states (primarily the southeast) and the western states (primarily the southwest). Most country music was derived from old folk songs, while western music was more cowboy songs with Western Swing. Rhythm and Blues was also a regional music, popular originally among the black population. Rhythm and Blues
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