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Reading assignment 4 Page 252 8. I believe that some of the “black pop” can indeed be blacker than others. Berry Gordy Junior’s pop was “less black” than others. This is because of his use of girl-group sounds that came out of the Brill Building sounds as well as the fact that Berry Gordy’s music was aimed to please white middle class teens. Others like Martha and the Vandellas had apparent roots in gospel and rhythm and blues. Martha Reeve’s full throated, soulful vocal style extends the group’s “black” quality. Otis Redding, along with Booker T and the MGs produced a white effect, simply I believe because there were indeed white members of the band. I believe the main difference in the blackness of the music lies in the publicity, image and sound of the artists/bands. The blackness is apparent in most of the Motown Funk music. Page 298 1. Counterculture is a culture different than that of the adults. Teens became much more assertive in its separation from adult culture, making “generation gap” into a household
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