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ASSIGNMENT II NAME: __ _Lara Weems __ GEO 101 Spring 2008 TR (30 Points) Complete By: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 (for discussion) Hand In: Thursday, March 13, 2008 PART I (20 points) SOUTH AND EAST ASIA AS SEEN FROM SPACE DIRECTIONS: 1. Select one country from South Asia and one from East Asia. 2. Go to the NASA website listed below and view the images that are listed. 3. Select one image for each country and print that out. 4. Write a one-page commentary (double-spaced, 10 or 12 point) for each image describing the location, what is being shown, why this is significant, and your interpretations of each image. You may use your textbook or other sources to write you commentary, just be sure you list the sources you used. 5. Attach the copies of the images and your commentaries to the assignment. PART II: EAST ASIA (10 points) ONE FROM COLUMN A…ONE FROM COLUMN B… COLUMN A: IRON CHEF! Your assignment is to watch an episode of Iron Chef on the Food Network. Check listings for dates and times. Make sure you are watching the “original” Iron Chef that was filmed in Japan, not the pathetic Americanized Food Network version. You may be able to access episodes on or other web sites. Take notes and answer the following questions. 1. Which episode did you watch (DATE: TIME: I watched this episode on Youtube) 2. What was the “secret ingredient?” they needed to make Sushi including tuna, Kohada, Anago, eggs, and Kanpyo. 3. What sorts of dishes were prepared? (You don’t have to name them all, just a few examples) The challenger made Gizzard shad Edo-Mae nigiri, soy-marinated tuna and fatty tuna sushi, conger eel Edo-Mae nigiri, dried gourd shavings roll, and an Edo-Mae omelet. The Iron chef made Gizzard shad nigiri and NY style ginger, Vietnamese style tuna roll and nigiri, steamed conger eel sushi, sha risotto, and popped rice and Kampyo ice cream. 4. Would you have wanted to try any of the dishes? If so, which ones and why, and if not, why? I would have liked to try the ice cream with tuna in it (popped rice and Kampyo ice cream). It would be extremely different and a once in a lifetime
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experience. I also would be interested in the Vietnamese spring roll because it seems
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geo assign 2 - ASSIGNMENT II NAME: _Lara Weems_ GEO 101...

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