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Miranda Pryor 20 February, 2008 Position Paper In the article “The Rising health care costs put focus on illegal immigrants” by Richard Wolf of USA Today discusses the effects of the rise in health care costs. Specifically he discusses its effects on illegal immigrants. The article uses a personal account of Juan Perez to show that illegal immigrants have difficulty understanding the health care system due to language barriers and are afraid to even seek medical attention for fear of deportation. The focus of the article is what rights illegal immigrants should have in our health care system. Richard Wolf first introduces data to portray how much money illegal immigrants are costing the United States health system. In just Texas the estimated amount hospitals spent on illegal immigrants in 2006 was $1.6 billion. In California since hospitals do not ask for information regarding citizenship surprising $1.4 billion per year estimate with Colorado and Minnesota falling behind with $31 and $17 million. This cost to American citizens urges state legislatures to limit health care benefits given to illegal immigrants to reduce the burden on
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position paper - Miranda Pryor Health & Society 20...

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