BUSA Criminal Law Terms

BUSA Criminal Law Terms - Criminal Law Terms: BUSA...

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Criminal Law Terms: BUSA Homicide: unlawful killing of another Involuntary manslaughter: do something unlawful which is not a felony and someone dies (first DUI in GA not a felony), face 1-10 years in jail if in GA Voluntary manslaughter: Crime of passion, not enough time to consider action just acted, no premeditation, 1-20 years in GA Felony murder: if in commission of a dangerous felony somebody dies and you didn’t do the killing Malice murder: Express malice murder: taking of life with premeditation Implied malice murder: sick abandoned heart and someone dies, ex: chick in car hit someone and let him bleed to death for a week while still in windshield Self defense: if you or third person face eminent threat of force then you can defend yourself or third person with your own force with no duty to retreat Defense of home: in your own home have no duty to retreat anyway if someone coming into your house to offer you personal violence, but can’t defend your own personal property but only yourself
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BUSA Criminal Law Terms - Criminal Law Terms: BUSA...

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