response paper #2 - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor Dr. Brinsmaid...

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Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor Dr . Brinsmaid English 1102 5 February 2008 Response Paper #2 In her essay “The Coolness of Being Real” Bell Hooks first defines how black men used to represent themselves as being cool. This cool involved keeping ones’ feelings close at hand at all times in order to know one’s self as much as possible. She uses blues as an example of how black males have expressed this cool and in expressing it they have spiritually healed themselves and others. After discussing blues, she introduces hip-hop’s effect on black male’s definition of cool and how it has allowed it to become about disassociation and power rather than expressing one’s feelings. She then argues that hip-hop is just a product of the Black Power Movement and is not original at all but amusement for the masses that reflect sought after values. She believes that since it cannot create anything new that it cannot teach anyone how to be real and change the status quo. Finally, she declares that the new view of cool introduced by hip-hop prevents black males from discovering their true selves. Without this discovery, Hook feels that males can only identify themselves with what they sing about because it is easier than using one’s feelings to change one’s self. In Bell Hooks’ analysis of the shift in the
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response paper #2 - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor Dr. Brinsmaid...

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