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Preparing for Diversity-Challenges and Opportunities in Child Welfare

Culturalidentity ses nationality languagestyle

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Unformatted text preview: nfluence Diversity Among Individuals and Within Groups Cultural Identity SES Nationality Language/Style Family Constellation Social History Sexual Orientation Generational Status Developed by National Center for Cultural Competence, 2002 Health Beliefs Time Orientation Age/Life Cycle Spatial Patterns Gender & Sexuality Physicality Religion/Spirituality Stereotypical Values: Stereotypical Values: Anglo vs. Ethnocultural Anglo American Mastery over nature Personal control Doing Time dominates Egalitarianism Individualism/privacy Youth Self help Competition Future orientation Informality Direct/open Practicality Materialism Ethnocultural Groups Harmony with nature Fate Being People dominate Hierarchy/rank Group welfare Elders Birthright inheritance Cooperation Past orientation Formality Indirect, face, ritual Idealism Spiritualism (Adapted from Schilling and Brannon, 1986) Taken from Strategies for Working with C...
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