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response paper #3 - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor English 1102 21...

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Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor English 1102 21 February 2008 Response Paper #3 Camille Paglia’s article “Madonna 1: Animality and Artifice” discusses how Madonna portrays herself as a sexual being in her music video “Justify My Love.” Paglia claims that the video is pornographic in a progressive way but not appropriate for every public audience. Then her essay turns to another issue and tries to define the true meaning of feminism. She praises Madonna’s sense of feminism and sexuality while comparing it to actual feminist views. To debase feminist views from the beginning, Paglia points out that Cyndi Lauper was voted woman of the year over Madonna who became an international star while Lauper did not. After complimenting Madonna in this way, she expresses that she is a businesswoman and a “true feminist”(pg 89). Feminists view Madonna’s videos as degrading to females while Madonna claims she is the one in charge. Paglia suggests that she believes feminist views of being a woman is backwards because their definition of feminism involves equality with men rather than being defined as truly female. These feminists in her view have an issue with masculinity which Madonna is better off embracing rather than fighting. While feminists just believe in showing the world who they truly are, Madonna is more satisfied being defined by her sexuality. The mask she wears is that of a woman and she is proud of it. Paglia’s assessment of Madonna’s sexuality suggests that feminism has a dual meaning. The meaning that she prefers is Madonna’s
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response paper #3 - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor English 1102 21...

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