lab 7 post: classes of chemical reactions

lab 7 post: classes of chemical reactions - solute divided...

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Miranda Pryor 2/20/07 A4 Post-Lab: Freezing Point 1) A) If the solute did not dissolve all the way, then the freezing point of the mixture would be smaller than the freezing point of the solute. Therefore, the difference in temperature would be smaller than if the solute had dissolved completely. B) The molality is smaller because the change of temperature is smaller. Because of this, the moles of solute will be smaller. If the moles of solute is smaller, then the mass of
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Unformatted text preview: solute divided by the moles of solute will be bigger. Therefore, the molar mass of the solute will be bigger. 2) The one that does not ionize in water will give the lowest freezing point because adding it to water wont change the freezing of water that much. Therefore the change in freezing point will be very small compared to a compound that does ionize in water and will change the freezing point more drastically....
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