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quanlitative analysis full lab report

quanlitative analysis full lab report - Qualitative...

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Qualitative Analysis of the Group IV & V cations Miranda Pryor Partner: Cassandra Pryor Lab Section: A4 4/3/07
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Introduction: A known an unknown sample of Group IV & Group V cations were analyzed in order to determine which cations are present in the unknown. The alkaline earth carbonates were removed by using a centrifuge. These were then brought back into solution by acidifying the precipitate. Barium was confirmed as the yellow precipitate and calcium as the white. Potassium and sodium were determined by flame tests. Sodium produced a yellow/orange color while potassium produced violet through cobalt blue glass. Testing for ammonium ions was done by making the original basic and heating it to produce a gas with a distinct smell or taking the pH. Procedure: The procedures were adapted from Lab Manual for General Chemistry 1310, by Hall & Wentworth pg. 116-124.
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Discussion/Conclusion: The unknown was to found to have Na + , K+, Ca 2+ cations. These results are accurate
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