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Component functionality and composition

Component functionality and composition - Grant Davisson...

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Grant Davisson Kevin Taylor Andrew Dai Aakash Gandhi Component functionality and composition Rear Housing: a. Air Chamber : Holds air pressure as front handle is pulled in. The pressure is built up in here until it is released as the ball is shot. It is made of a hard, white plastic, and is most likely made in a mold. b. Handle : Holds the back of the gun in a comfortable position for the shooter. Creates leverage when firing. Made up of two halves. It is made of a durable, painted plastic, most likely formed in a mold. Front Housing: a. Pump Handle: Holds the front of the gun, and is pulled back to create pressure and shoot the ball. It is made in two halves, both painted plastic, and was made using a mold. Barrel: a. Little White Flexible Ring: Secured the orange air flow piece. Was made of flexible, white plastic and was fused to the orange flow piece. b. Rigid White Back Stopper: Secured the orange flow piece and had a hole to allow air pressure into the barrel. Made of hard white plastic made using a mold.
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