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Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 2 Discussion Questions - are so distant from the acess...

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Week 2 Discussion Questions 1. Define a rural community, describing rural culture and values. (general, not a specific town) Rural communities seem to be stuck in the old days. There are advantages and disadvantages of living in the rural community. Mostly disadvantages such as lack of healthcare, low wages, and less access to things like transportation, technology, quality of education. However some advantages are less crime and violence, lower divorce rate, closer family bonds, less materialistic. I think that the disadvantages are a harder problem to fix because there are so many rural communities that
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Unformatted text preview: are so distant from the acess of things they need to be a better community. 2. Create a fictional community needs assessment of a rural town. (Your answer does have to reflect the readings, but have some fun with this!!) I think the main problem with the rural communities is they are so set in there ways of living in a non materialistic world they think that change would be bad and worse for them. When in reality it could really benefit them, at least in a health aspect. The problem is getting them to listen, because they probably don’t want to hear it....
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