ACC 205 Week 5 Final Paper

ACC 205 Week 5 Final Paper - Week 5 Assignment ACC 205 Over...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 5 Assignment ACC 205 September 12, 2011 Over the years modern accounting systems have changed for the better and the worse as well. The topic I picked to write of is, how have modern account systems made a difference in modern organizations? Before taking this course I was unsure of how accounting was used in businesses or the way it was formatted. I learned so much from taking this course as how to analysis transactions and use these format correctly. I have made Excel spreadsheets in other courses and for my personal use but they do not compare the assignment in this course. I have learned how to successful create balance sheets, income statements, and so much more. Lastly, I have learned the correctly in order to create successful and understandable business financial statement. The smallest corner store or largest multimillion organizations created their own innovations on which they believe to be the best account perspectives. They were successful for a short time by applying new cost such as JIT systems to improving the cost systems. Their sociological perspective can be understood as a point of view that focuses not only on individuals in a company but on the whole group or society, unfortunately many flaws and late technology slowed their progress down. Many flaws that could have been improved with their value of modern management accounts systems. The main change has been the amount of money spent by organizations. In the past, companies big or small needed a dozen accounting clerks in order to prepare all documents manually, and of course this was time consuming which generated large wage payout. Today, companies big and small use modern computerized software on computers which can perform a more accurate detail submission which only requires a small group of people if not one or two...
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ACC 205 Week 5 Final Paper - Week 5 Assignment ACC 205 Over...

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