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The Evolution of Media The role of the gatekeeper is to keep society on their toes. Meaning the gatekeeper transfer the news out to the world. The gatekeeper role has changed really since the last decade. Media is spreading out besides someone just broadcasting it over radio or television. Media now has many different ways of getting visual messages across to people and has become more interesting with the adding of YouTube, Smart phones, and countless other new technologies. Social network users are growing in large numbers and look to not stop the increase any time soon. As it is growing in big amount it is spread throughout many different sites for all types of users to log in to those of their liking. Many systems have been made to assist the social media. By the set up of these sites it allows users to upload just about everything such as photos and videos. Some benefits for businesses were more sites and access to major social
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Unformatted text preview: network, getting their messages to a broader audience. Several corporations of all kinds started joining the networks to explore their options. New technology started to fade out the journalists, advertisers, entertainment PRs. From a social perspective in changed the lives of a lot of people, all around the world. Anything can be looked up on the Worldwide Web. That is why it became so popular, it made social media overflow. Reason why it is a problem, it is something like a follower. People are putting personal things as well as vital information online not thinking. Some examples are child predators trying to get kids to react to add or blogs to name a few to wheel the kids in. The concerns are marketing and trying to make it work, through all the media. Prices are rising so users buy at high rates. Making it so hard to make communication reliable so crowds begin to disappear due to change of shift....
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