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Management Paper #1 - 1 Four Functions of Management Pool...

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Four Functions of Management: Pool Manager For the past three summers, I’ve been employed at one of my local town pools, and have ended up working an average of 35 to 40 hours a week . Needless to say, throughout my time there, I’ve ran into a wide variety of managers at the various other pools, varying greatly in style and managerial skill . One in particular has stuck out from the rest in a positive way—someone with 7 years of experience, someone who I’ve worked with personally for the past 3 summers, and a person who is only a recent college graduate—Ms . Abigail Johnson. Abby possesses all of the necessary qualifications to be a great manager, everything from a responsible attitude to bringing a friendly outlook to the work environment, and I will discuss my observations and experiences with her and relate them back to the four primary functions of management . First up in the evaluation is the planning stage, consisting of how well the manager selected goals, set actions, assigned resources, and developed strategy: Planning Setting Goals Abby has told us time and time again that our main goal is to serve the Town of West Hartford to the best of our ability with complete and total effort Goal to be looked upon by upper management as the “best pool” in the town, also with the most responsible employees to protect citizen lives Goal to have the most enjoyable environment to swim in the town Goal to be respectful/courteous to all patrons, avoid conflicts at all costs Keep the pool fun but at the same time a safe place for all to swim Goal for all guards to enforce every rule, a total employee effort since many times a patron will try to get away with something once the next guard rotates Enjoy coming to work every day, having fun while at work Being friendly/pleasant with other employees (many of us ended up being friends) 1
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Set Actions- how to achieve pre-set goals Abby set up a process to undergo a comprehensive orientation period to make new employees comfortable working at the pool- a completely different experience than what McFee experienced, we had plenty of time to ask questions and get acclimated in the job before being assessed in any way Abby had a never-ending desire to do the job in an ‘above and beyond’ manner, she was able to pass this same positive attitude onto all of us Was known on a first name basis with countless patrons, always portrayed a “customer first” approach, always friendly and willing to listen to any potential problems or issues Initiated “staff nights,” where we as a staff would enjoy a night hanging out together, going out to dinner, movies, mini-golf, etc
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Management Paper #1 - 1 Four Functions of Management Pool...

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