Management Paper #2

Management Paper #2 - Petry 1 Up until the end of high...

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Petry 1 Up until the end of high school , we don’t have much of a say in the decision- making process in aspects affecting our lives , most of the decisions are made for us. This all changes when we reach the end of high school and are considered in society as “adults .” College is the biggest decision we’ve had to make in our lives up until now, since we’re choosing where we are going to be for the next four years of our lives . Personally , I had a unique opportunity given to me which was both very beneficial but at the same time made my decision that much more difficult . My mother is a tenured professor at the University of Hartford , and one of her main benefits is that her children get the chance to attend college with virtually free tuition on around 600 schools in the US . If accepted into the school’s ‘Tuition Exchange’ program (sometimes very competitive) , I’d be going to college free of charge. With this prospect in mind, I had to have a large list of schools , as I had to receive the scholarship as well as earning admission to the institution . For this reason, I applied to 11 schools total, and was accepted into Iona College , University of Hartford, Seton Hall University, St. Michael’s College , Roger Williams, Sacred Heart, Endicott, Western New England, and Assumption College . In order to make the decision to attend Assumption College , I had to make an educated decision based on a wide variety of factors . I will discuss these factors and compare my own personal decision-making process compared to the outline talked about in Chapter 7:
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Petry 2 The first element of the decision making process: 1. Identify need to decide- opportunities and problems The first time college became a prominent issue in my life was during my junior year of high school , an important time to assess realistic decisions of what we’d like to move on to after high school . My main goals for what I wanted to achieve through college: Obtain a good education , be challenged Have an excellent college “experience” with good memories Be in a comfortable environment , mature as a person Be prepared to enter the workforce , get a good job Earn a good salary , be successful, provide for my family Deciding where to go is a tremendously important verdict; essentially you’re setting up
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Management Paper #2 - Petry 1 Up until the end of high...

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