Note that electron energies in orbitals are negative

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Unformatted text preview: te that electron energies in orbitals are negative due to the zero point being when an electron has gained enough energy to break free of the atom.) (1 pt) The energy of the photon will be equal to the difference between the two electron energy levels: (-8.759 × 10-20 J) – (-9.989 × 10-20 J) = 1.23 × 10-20 J 5. 6. Why can an electron not exist at energies in between the ‘allowed’ energies? (2 pts) Electrons can only exist at energies that allow them to be standing waves. Any energy in between these energies will result in the wave interfering with itself, disrupting the standing wave. What do the concentric circles represent in the illustration at right for A) the Bohr model, and B) the quantum mechanical model? (2 pts) A) orbits, electron radii, electron energy B) electron energy, most probable radii, orbitals...
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