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Audience We Speech PS

Audience We Speech PS - that but I will say that if we...

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Audience: Male Soccer Team Setting: Pre-Game speech to State Championship Alright gentleman…listen up For you freshman you have waited for three months for this moment, for you seniors most of you have waited four years for this, for me eleven. You guys have worked your tails off to get here and you deserve it. I know I’ve been hard on you, but look where we are now It’s time to represent yourselves as champions We’ve had some ups and downs this year I know, but you guys have pulled through and taken command. This is our day men, our day to prove what we’ve got There isn’t one of you here that hasn’t helped us get here. We are a team, a great team You are the best group of guys I’ve coached yet Some of you will be back next year but for you seniors this is your last chance to take all that you’ve learned and lay it on the field. I think we all know how important this is so I’m not going to get into all
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Unformatted text preview: that, but I will say that if we clinch this championship we will have the best winning streak in school history. Let’s let our fans know that they are worth it. I have never seen a more dedicated crowd than this one. Prove to them that our soccer team appreciates them sacrificing their time to be here. I want everybody to play smart; I want to play as a team, I don’t want to hear any lip towards the ref. Let’s play safe and enjoy these moments. I need everybody to communicate with each other and I want everyone to listen for directions from your teammates and your coaches. These guys we’re playing have some real talent gentleman and they’re not going to just let you take this game away from them. You have to play with your heart Be smart but let the drive come from your heart. Let’s get in there men!...
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