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Anth 102 definitions - because it is different from our own...

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Cultural anthropology – the study of patterns and meanings that lie behind the world in other cultures. Culture – members of the same community that share the same beliefs Ethnocentric fallacy – the idea that our beliefs and behaviors are right and true, whereas those of other peoples are wrong or misguided (ignorance) Ethnocentrism – trying to show that what often appears on the surface to be an odd belief or a bizarre bit of behavior is functional and logical in the context of a particular culture Relativism – holds that no behavior or belief can be judged to be odd or wrong simply
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Unformatted text preview: because it is different from our own Relativistic fallacy – idea that it is impossible to make moral judgments about the beliefs and behaviors of others Ethnographic method – immersion of investigators in the lives of the people they are trying to understand and, through that experience, the attainment of some level of understanding of the meanings those people ascribe to their existence Anthropological fieldwork Participant observation – active participation of observers in the lives of their subjects...
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