Spring 2013 exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: parameters (allocates only if there are any input parameters) 2) return address 3) return value (allocates only if the function does return a value) 4) local variables (if any) In addition to the above, we also have the following: 9. The local variables are allocated in the same order as they were defined. 10. Stack pointer points to the next available slot on the stack. 2/6 Question 1 stack (10 pts) In our class, we learned that we will use the stack to pass input parameters into functions, track return addresses, collect return values, and hold local variables. In the cla...
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This note was uploaded on 07/20/2013 for the course ECE 2035 taught by Professor Willis during the Spring '13 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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