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Unformatted text preview: tdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int fib(int n) { int z; if (n <= 0 ) return 0; if (n==1 || n == 2 ) return 1; z = fib(n- 1) + fib(n- 2); return z; } int main() { int x, y; y = 0; x = fib(8); } Part A: Given the convention defined on the first page, what is the size of the activation frame of function fib()? 3pts Input parameter, 4 bytes; return address 4 bytes; return value 4 bytes, 1 local variable; 4 bytes. So the total is 16 bytes. Part B: When the above program executes, how many times will fib() be called? 4 pts Let N(k) be the number of times that fib(n)...
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