spring 2013 exam 2

You need to follow the comment in the following table

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Unformatted text preview: oo.o bar.o gcc –o hello foo.o bar.o foo.o: foo.c first.h gcc –c foo.c bar.o: bar.c first.h second.h gcc –c bar.c =================== Suppose the project is already compiled successfully via make. For each of the following cases, list the sequence of commands that will be invoked. Note: touch [file] is the linux command that updates the modification time of [file] to current system time. 1. touch second.h; make gcc –c bar.c gcc –o hello foo.o bar.o 2. touch second.h; make foo.o no command will be executed 3. touch second.h; make bar.o gcc –c bar.c 4/6 Question 3: 13 points...
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