spring 2013 exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: as they are declared in the source code). Write a short c function to detect whether the stack grows downwards or upwards. The function needs to return 0 when it’s downwards, and 1 otherwise. Hint: you need to find two separate items on the stack, and compare their addresses to answer this question. According to item 4 above, you cannot use two local variables in a function since their allocation is in a random order. int * foo (){ int i; return &i; } int direction() { int j, *k; k = foo(); if( (long) &j > (long) k ) return 0; else return 1; } 3/6 Question 2 makefile (9 pts) Suppose we have the following makefile: =================== all: hello hello: f...
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