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Wood 1 Lindsay Wood History of Western Philosophy II Prof. Borradori 4 April 2008 The Seventh Seal in the Present with Pascal The Seventh Seal , the legendary 1957 Ingmar Bergman film, has been analyzed by philosophers, and cherished by all, for decades. The story of protagonist Antonius Block is timeless: a knight from the crusades struggling to come to terms with death and find the place of God in human suffering. Just as Antonius Block challenges death to a game of chess in order to delay his own demise, people of every time period must also look death in the eyes. Antonius Block lived at the time of the great plague, which ravaged Europe and killed millions, but the depth of suffering during the black plague is all but absent in today’s world. Let us look at The Seventh Seal from the perspective of highly spiritual French philosopher Blaise Pascal to expose the modern relevance of the timeless film. After facing the violent and senseless crusades, Antonius Block is physically, emotionally, and spiritually defeated. Block sees suffering all around him: from the countless dying on the battlefield in the name of God, to the countless struggling helplessly against the black plague. Even ordinary people suffer in anticipation of the plague, some of whom take it on themselves to exaggerate their suffering by beating themselves and appealing to God for salvation. Block, however, cannot believe in God so blindly in the face of such pain and anguish. Block desperately seeks physical proof of God. He attempts to use
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pascal and the seventh seal paper .1 - Wood 1 Lindsay Wood...

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