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Class exercise Lost at Sea

Class exercise Lost at Sea - Joe Purnell Name Homework Lost...

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Joe Purnell__ Name Homework Lost at sea You are adrift on a private yacht in the South Pacific. As a consequence of a fire of unknown origin, much of the yacht and its contents have destroyed. The yacht is now slowly sinking. Your location is unclear because of the destruction of critical navigational equipment and because you and the crew were distracted trying to bring the fire under control. Your best estimate is that you are approximately one thousand miles south-southwest of the nearest land. On the attached page is a list of fifteen items that are intact and undamaged after the fire. In addition to these articles, you have a serviceable, rubber life raft with oars. The raft is large enough to carry you, the crew, and all the items in the list. The total contents of all survivors’ pockets are a package of cigarettes, several books of matches, and five one-dollar bills. Of the 15 items your task is to rank the top 5 items that follow in terms of their importance to your survival and the bottom 3 . Place the number 1 by the
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