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reaction to humanity essay

reaction to humanity essay - much to blame for not helping...

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Reaction to Humanity Essay It is very hard to believe that American soldiers would murder innocent men, women and children. Then again, it is hard to believe many of the stories that came back from Vietnam, and the other “wars.” When you’re in enemy territory, and you’ve seen friends killed, I guess you don’t really think about the morality of what you’re being told to do – you just do it. The one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why the soldiers kept firing if they were never fired on. Why they decided to brutalize these people in unimaginable ways when there was obviously no battalion waiting and no enemy in sight is beyond me. The story of Rwanda is so well known, it is hard to say something that has not already been said. I think that it was very wrong of the world to leave the Tutsi people when they needed help the most. Standing back and “letting them work it out” only makes things worse, and in this case, lead to many more deaths. Although we as a world power are
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Unformatted text preview: much to blame for not helping when it was obvious that help was needed, the Hutu are to blame as well for assuming that the Tutsi killed the President. For a long time, it was hard to tell the difference between the tribes, but the government influenced the people to think the Tutsi were bad and should be extinguished. I also think it is horribly wrong for the US to say that there must be “American interest” in the country for us to step in and help. We should have stepped in and saved those people, and there should be means to prevent this from happening again. Throughout the essay, the theme reverberated that something could have been done in every situation to make the outcome different. The main element missing is involvement. No one wants to get involved because they don’t want to damage their country’s reputation or risk their people....
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reaction to humanity essay - much to blame for not helping...

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