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2010 science 3301685 mex56 is required to localize

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Unformatted text preview: early embryo through a series of asymmetric divisions 7 4/10/12 How do P granules and PIE ­1 become localized? PAR proteins MEX ­5/6 Asymmetric P granule segrega/on depends upon a number of proteins including PAR proteins and Mex ­5/6 Wild type par ­1 mutant mex ­5/6 (RNAi) Beginning of 1st cell cycle Early prophase Anaphase Gallo et al. (2010) Science 330:1685 MEX ­5/6 is required to localize PIE ­1 Wild type (normal) Mex ­5/6 mutant 8 4/10/12 Some PAR proteins are asymmetrically distributed in the early embryo. PAR ­2::GFP PAR ­6::mCherry PAR ­2::GFP MEX ­5 is required for germ line fate and localizes to the anterior of the one ­cell embryo. What is the rela/onship between MEX ­ 5/6, PAR proteins and PIE ­1? 9 4/10/12 Posterior PAR proteins MEX ­5 PIE ­1 The PAR proteins are requir...
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