Are p granules cytoplasmic determinants for germ cell

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Unformatted text preview: are protein components of the P granules and are required for germ ­line prolifera/on. DNA Isolated wild type gonad P granules are localized exclusively to the germ line and some P granule components are required for germ cell development. Are P granules cytoplasmic determinants for germ cell fate? A.  Yes B.  No Is segrega/on of P granules necessary for germ line determina/on? Are P granules sufficient for germ line determina/on? 6 4/10/12 Wild type pptr ­1 (phosphatase PP2A regulatory subunit) PIE ­1 is required for germ line fate in C. elegans Pharynx and Intes/ne Excess ABp ABp P2 ABa ABa EMS wild type EMS EMS pie ­1 mutant PIE ­1 protein is segregated to the germ line cells in the...
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