Elegans embryo cell autonomous determinaon germ line

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Unformatted text preview: in neurons Cells in blue are founder cells How are cell fates determined in the early C. elegans embryo? Cell autonomous determina/on (germ line, intes/ne (gut), some muscles) Condi/onal determina/on (ABa and ABp, and others) Soma vs. germ line AB ABa ABp P1 MS E P2 P3 P4 Molecular Biology of the Cell, Figure 22 ­18 2 4/10/12 How is the fate of the germ line founder cell (P4) determined in C. elegans? Hypothesis: germ line fate is determined cell ­autonomously. How could one test this hypothesis? 3 4/10/12 Experiment: use laser beam to isolate the P4 cell If it is determined cell autonomously, it will behave like a germ cell. ?...
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