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physiology Ch6 lecture

physiology Ch6 lecture - Communication Integration and...

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Communication, Integration, and Homeostasis LECTURE OUTLINE (CHAPTER 6) (animation from last lecture-Na+ gates usually closed and K+ gates usually opened when cell at rest. Electrical force into intracellular and diffusion force out of cell= out to no net movement of ions). Resting potential for motor neurons= about -60 to -70. 1. Clicker: Which of the following adjustments, if any, would act to depolarize the resting potential of a motor neuron? A)an increase in Chloride conductance (flow rate of an ion) B) a decrease in calcium conductance C)A decrease in K+ conductance D)a decrease in Na+ conductance E)None of the above C is the answer! Decrease potassium conductance outward so that what is inside is less negative aka depolarized. 2.Some genetic mutations, such as weaver in mice, cause a disruption in the nerve’s K+ channels. In the case of weaver, the pore of the K+ channel is wider, permitting increased inward flow of Na through this K channel along with increased outward flow of K. What change, if any, would you expect in the resting potential of a weaver neuron? Answer: a more positive resting potential than normal. Go to goldman equation and change sodium by decreasing it by 5 and see what happens to resting potential. LECTURE OBJECTIVES 1. Describe the different modes of short-range and long-range communication present in physiological systems. 2. Explain how an external signal can cause an intracellular adjustment (=signal transduction). 3. The ultimate objective of cell to cell communication is to maintain a stabile environment (=homeostasis). 4. Describe the general mechanisms by which homeostasis is achieved. 5. Establish how a breakdown in homeostatic mechanisms can result in sickness or disease.
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