Long Term Funds

Country most bond funds only buy domestic issues but

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Unformatted text preview: h as mortgages e. Country- most bond funds only buy domestic issues, but some buy foreign company and government issues 6. Short term and intermediate term funds- focus on bonds in a specific maturity range a. Short term is said to be around 5 years while intermediate term is around 10 years 7. General funds- kind of a catch-all 8. High- Yield funds- specialize in low-credit quality issues. Such issues have higher yields because of their greater risks, these can be quite volatile 9. Mortgage Funds- Ginnie Mae a. There are no municipal mortgage back securities yet 10. World Funds- all taxable funds 11. Insured Funds- this is a type of municipal bond fund. Backed by insurance, resulting in a smaller chance of default 12. Single- state municipal funds- this classification only refers to long-term funds 2. Stock and Bond Funds- these funds do not invest exclusively in either bonds or stocks, and are often called blended or hybrid funds a. Balance Funds- maintain a relatively fixed split between sto...
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