Long Term Funds

The 2 fund groups that invest outside the us are 1

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Unformatted text preview: l Funds i. The 2 fund groups that invest outside the US are: 1. Global- these funds have substantial international holdings but also maintain significant investments in US stocks 2. International- similar to global funds, except they focus on non- US equities a. International funds may focus on particular regions on the world, such as Europe or South America, others specialize in individual countries b. Today there is a fund specializing in every country of the world that has a stock market c. International funds that specialize in countries with small of recently established stock markets are called emerging markets funds. These are known to be extremely volatile d. Many funds that are not classified as international funds may actually have substantial oversea investments 3. Sector Funds- specialize in specific sectors of the economy and often focus on particular industries or commodities a. These funds are not well diversified 4. Other Fund Types and Issues a. Index funds- simply hold stocks that make up a particular index in the same relative proportions as the...
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