Politics 2 - Politics 2 National- anyone who has a...

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Politics 2 National- anyone who has a relationship with a state, split into several categories Citizen- Most important, full participant in the political life of a country Two way relationship between state and individual, we give them taxes and loyalty, they give us protection and rights Subject- Partial relationship with sovereign state, one way relationship, individual owes to the state, current subjects like Virgin Islands and Guam, none are citizens Denizen- Opposite of Subject, Invidual owes nothing to the state, but state owes in return, such as Native Americans (they are incapable of participates in Gov.) Alien- any national who is outside of their own country, important legal status, states are sovereign, Comity- do unto others as they have done unto you, only international law, aliens are protected as citizens, and same over there -Stateless Person- they have no country, and nobody wants them, way of becoming this is if something happens to your country Birth- Laws governing citizenship by birth Jussoli- right to citizenship wherever born Jussanguini- right to citizenship wherever parents were citizens at birth Naturaliization- becoming a citizen if not born there, every single application for citizen is judged individually on a need basis -Indvidual Statutory Law- Special Act- no test, special act of congress gets citizenship -Group- special acts also apply, with Indians, used to be where woman married American man, they became citizen, but not anymore Expatriation- if you acquire a citizenship of another country, you lose your American citizenship, and it never comes back Implied Renunciation- doing something that implies you are renouncing your country, sedition, treason, subversion, and so on Forfeiture- whole countries Americans cant visit, such as Iran, N. Korea, and
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Politics 2 - Politics 2 National- anyone who has a...

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