Persuasive Approaches

Persuasive Approaches
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What a different persuasive approaches would you use on the following audiences: a boss, a peer, a challenging person, and an open-minded person? Why would your approach differ with each? There are different forms of communication and which depends of the person whom we are talking with. There are elements of persuasion contained in all forms of communication. Whether I am trying to get help from someone or I are trying to get date for your business meet, in this I are trying to persuade with audience so as to get an answer as I expected. While trying to persuade my boss, it is important to use only professional approach at that time. At that state of time, as boss would like to hear only facts and sources so it is better to have them ready and make sure of validity of the facts before talking to boss. On the other hand, while dealing with a challenging person, I would like to grab self interest of the
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